Serry (orality)

art from utterance (orality + literacy)




What is said,
This moment,
This word,
Is real, torn, squeezed,
From heart and breath
And world.

This sly scribble,
A snake that curves
And curls tight,
Brain deep.
My thoughts
In your voice,
A mask,
A masking.
Laid down,
A trap, cunning gin
(Though even whispered).
Time bomb.

We sing in chords,
In chorus.
Drum on flesh and earth
Drum with feet,
Drum with tongues.
Together ululate,
A stampede, a flock.
Syncopate pulse,
We merge.

Never this
String of thought,
Tugged out to tie senses,
Alone, locked on paths
With no cessation.
A spell, an enchanting,
Mazed: ink and electron
Dancing grim tango.

Entangled, entangled
In mind or mouth,
Striving to know escape
Or to know belonging.

The mute language of skies,
The sing of cloud dissolving.

Being nothing
But ourselves
We dive down
And drown.

What i mean is
What eye can mean

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2 thoughts on “Serry (orality)

  1. Thank you, Nathan. Glad you like it – it’s rather embarrassing to be so inspired by a pile of someone else’s book covers!.. But the paradoxical delight of working with words!!…..

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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