On Rage, a poem




“            …that dog

barking at nothing

because every time he’s barked at nothing,

nothing’s gone wrong and why not keep it that way?”

– Bob Hicok, “One of those things we say…”


Blaze searing eye-corner

fierce rupture

a hazard of blades


we two, entangled –

emotion dug deep and flung far –



like the causes of weather

complexity systems

large beyond measure


on any scale

insinuated within

spaces we intimately share


archaic wounds – a butterfly’s wing –

tempest stress to tumultuous effect

(deep dug, far flung)


we two, engangled

emotive amygdalas in action

safe love, a hazard of blades


6 thoughts on “On Rage, a poem

  1. My tongue is dancing, such beautiful pain, such sharp reals. Your words turned on a different lathe, I think, recently. The first lines: Old English wave spittle, salt and clear. Tight and involved. Lovely!

  2. thank you Simon – I’ve been having a lot of trouble cranking the poetic mechanism – perhaps the lathe of that wrestling is what you’ve read in? Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Just a difference of choices, I think. Your prose is densely poetic often, but follows a linked thought/image process and is tough and rich in concept. The last few pieces seem to me to be more focused on word imagery -stronger pictures…..

  4. Ahoy – just stumbled into your site…. very excited to go exploring! Interesting… we have some of the same books on our reading list (I found ur blog doing a search for Ingold’s Being Alive) AND we chose the same wordpress theme: I humbly submit my own blog (poetry) http://www.wingbone.net. Cheers – Catherine

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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