Impossible objects – Possible beginnings


“We enter into thought, and especially our own, only by questioning”

-Maurice Blanchot-

This then, an impossible object with possible beginnings.  What says, what writes, what IS – all filled up with what is NOT.

Capture, mediation, confluence.  The impossible attempts, the radical effort: I attempt to SAY, to INSCRIBE, that which is incapable of being said, inscribed, touched or revealed: experience, THIS-NOW-HERE, YouMe.

This is what, then, I will create / not-be-able-to-create.

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6 thoughts on “Impossible objects – Possible beginnings

  1. “we begin with nothin, and it is only through the self-negation of nothing that something appears” (Zizek) and “there are things that can only occur if they remain unnamed”… (all from Zizek on Hegel) … seems to be swirling in the same groundless ground :). Love hearing from you. Thanks

  2. When I walked through this, I often thought back to my days of severe postpartum. Life was nothing but surviving one now to the next. An eternal cycle, and yet tangential: different needs different shades of shit different screams of colic different wants and whys and dos and don’ts

    Nothing seemed to break the cycle. All I could do was not-think. Not-be anything but the most basic. To be more than Mommy was selfish. Cursory. and impossible.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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