Impossible objects – Possible beginnings


“We enter into thought, and especially our own, only by questioning”

-Maurice Blanchot-

This then, an impossible object with possible beginnings.  What says, what writes, what IS – all filled up with what is NOT.

Capture, mediation, confluence.  The impossible attempts, the radical effort: I attempt to SAY, to INSCRIBE, that which is incapable of being said, inscribed, touched or revealed: experience, THIS-NOW-HERE, YouMe.

This is what, then, I will create / not-be-able-to-create.

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Needing the Other

Ghandi - Interdependence

Sometimes we weep, “I need you so much.”


Do we grieve from the weight of the need?

Or the needing of differing things?

Do we weep that our need’s not provided?


We need.

And need differing things.

And need other than can be provided.


As long as the grief is not shame.

For what harm in need?

Like anything else,

we depend

-in truth-

on a world

made of so many

things –

to exist, to alive,

to continue.


And why not one another?


I am and you are

Without which we are not


That is need,

that is all,

that is fact.


Without air, food or water

the body declines.

Without commerce,


the mind will not thrive.

Without you

what is I

will diminish.


That is nature.


There’s no shame in the needing.

No recall in the fail.

The “meeting” is all –

the approach and response,

the expression of need

and its answer.


Insufficient and varied,

incomplete and alloyed,

is never the fault of the need –

only moment.


“I need you,” I weep,

and I do, it is true,

and the you that is current

needs me.

That is all.

It is fact.

It’s the case.

We can change it, okay.

We can do.


But the need will remain,

because that’s how we are

dependent by nature

on nature, on world,

on persons and places and things –

on each other.


We’re human, you see?

Altogether because

We BE from the CAUSE

of each other.

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“We might just have to engage with concepts whose existence we do not even suspect, or which we have become blind towards. 

Thought might just have an interesting future creating and sustaining new relations – perhaps the most elemental philosophical act.”

-Paul Bains-

Bains - Primacy of Semiosis

Experience, anyway. Empty, the space of life. (page 3)

“To reach, not the point where one no longer says I, but the point where it is no longer of any importance whether one says I…

…A book has neither object nor subject; it is made of variously formed matters, and very different dates and speeds…

…There is no difference between what a book talks about and how it is made…

…A book exists only through the outside and on the outside.”

gilles deleuze & felix guattari –


“My relation to others is staggered all the way to the infinite;

from the bottom up, never horizontally, the distance from here to there…

…what you call ‘distance’ is but the time of breathing in, of breathing out.

All the oxygen man needs is in his lungs.

Empty, the space of life.”

-Edmond Jabes-

            Passage to and fro.  Fore and aft.  Passing through.  So many streams of signs and symbols, sounds, referents – in some pores and out from others.  A long and endless middle.

If photons, neither particles or waves (or both) – packs of energized events.  Here, then there, everything on its way.  As if life (the verb) is journey.  Booking passage in a network of traces.  Slug-lines.  Marking, evaporate, recombinant maps.

Convergences – sense/perception/neurons and quanta.  Convergences – weather and molecules and thises and thats (write “I” and “you”) and light and air, ground and other conjoining disjunctive matters.  Convergences – roving planets in orbital trajectories, distances sustained by what is near, all the kinds and classifications.

Descriptions and errors.  Adapt, adjust, revise.  And err.  Trial err trial err, survive.  For now.  Temporarily.  This way.  The always-conditioning clause: Now.  If.

A stone Buddha, or just its head, being drawn by an artist.  A trace, remark, a transcription – transformation – another form.  For now.  And then…

Tracing convergences – our qualia – as events describe – the meeting and meshwork of lines, of motions, of pathways and bendings in travel, of stars and their dust.  Refraction, reflection, sharing directions, constraints.  Opportunities for pulse, for pattern, for wave.

To journey then, to map.  Now, if.  The long and ever-ending middle always already begun.  Trajectories and knots, unravel.

Experience, anyway.  Breathe in, breathe out, the trace.  The empty plenitude, the pregnant space, and timing’s distance.  We join.

A lightening, a delicious weight

The semester is beginning to dissolve, moments opening up for readings that wander further afield… the pleasure of not squeezing freedoms into necessity however inextricably they are entwined… the reprieve arrives today in the form of:

“What is to be understood through seeing and hearing (even if not at first glance) cannot be too far removed from what is already known.  As incomparably as something unutterable may be expressed at times in a gesture, a grouping, a picture of feeling, or an event, this always happens only in immediate proximity to the word; as something hovering, so to speak, around its core of meaning, which is the real element of humanity…the essence of the person does not reside in his experiences and feelings but in his silent, persistent quarrelling and coming to terms with them.”

-Robert Musil-

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