Putting Together

here it comes

So I’ve struggled a bit the past week or so with a plethora of projects: personal, family, parenting, school, commission work… mostly good things, deep rewarding things, and yet leaving me with a feeling that I have had very little time to simply create.  My wife challenges me often with the categories I concoct for myself between art and life, relation and solace, pleasure and responsibility, and by and large I agree that an artist’s life, a creative life, is a creative life, not a creative this-or-that, segregated activity.  And yet, nothing quite compares to a blank page not full of pre-existing questions or directions; an impulse externally unnecessary; a mark or word uncalled for.  It sometimes helps to think of things as stages, the “for now” syndrome that hope parasites.  But ultimately, I don’t quite feel “okay,” or balanced, somehow settled in my world, until time is available to sit at my desk, in my chosen or gathered surroundings, undirected but by what might rise from within.  Today I have plugged away seven hours or more at schoolwork, and granted myself an hour swept clear of such things.  The piece below is the result (click title or picture for text)

Putting Together

5 thoughts on “Putting Together

  1. Reading you, and thinking through your written pieces, are always so nice… Listened, tasted and felt… Sometimes we suppose that nothing happens…. but always something happens… even while we are reading too… 🙂 as now… in my mind. But, yes, ah, this language! How I wish(ed) to talk more with you in philosophically and literarly… maybe one day. Thank you dear N Filbert, autumn days be yours in your creative world. Love, nia

  2. Thank you Nia – It would be hard for me to sufficiently express how significant it is for me to have succh a careful attentive reader as yourself. Holly & I have appreciated your presence here digitally with us since we began. I think it would be a gracious delight to some day be able to really converse and create communicating in person. Indeed – may Autumn expand us all!

  3. I love you both… you are into the words, and dear Holly into the colours inspire me, fascinate me always… You are welcome and million Thanks for feeding my soul. Have a nice and creative day for you both. Love, nia

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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