In Living Memory

Copyright-Rich Vosa

Not like there’s a whole lot there.  It is what it is, my memory – glossy, apparently endless, and stripped bare.  But there seem to be windows, areas the light creeps in, and doorways – entries to room after room of possibilities.  If I could get in there, could move past this moment of glimpsing, find the courage to carry myself forward (or is it back?).  Remains to be seen, here – me at the cusp, in full view, just on the verge, of remembering.

What just happened?

N Filbert 2012

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39 thoughts on “In Living Memory

  1. Beautifully atmospheric first paragraph, and then I love how you brought me up sharp and laughing at the last line. The only bit I’m not sure about is ‘here me at the cusp’.

  2. I liked the first paragraph a lot, but wasn’t sure what to do with the last line. (“What just happened?”) I wasn’t sure at first how to feel reading that. The more I read it, though, the more I like it. Nice work.

  3. that’s how the last line worked for me as well…at first i wanted a kind of meditation on the griefs around the frailty and ingenuity of our memories…and then i thought it equally applied to perception – or a memory-organization of the present moment…so tossed that in? 🙂
    thanks for reading/commenting

  4. Sounds like his memory is proving elusive. I also tripped up on ‘here me at the cusp’. Mybrain insisted on reorganising it to ‘me here at the cusp’, but that might not be what was meant at all.

  5. perhaps I should have used a dash or comma – these are such helpful things – one doesn’t want a reader “tripping up”… like “here – me at the cusp, dah dah dah” perhaps

  6. N
    I enjoyed this….The last line does jerk you out but I had no problems with it. It felt right. You already had the dash in on “here me at the cusp” no problems there as well. Reminds me of that Poem “Forgetfulness by Billy Collins.


  7. “glossy, apparently endless, and stripped bare”…having had buried memories surface in my own past, this phrase particularly stood out. I read a lot into this paragraph. To me it sounds as if the MC, while frustrated that he can’t remember, is terrified of what he will remember.
    A lot in a few words.

  8. Liked that. Memories held in rooms of the mind. I’ve a few lurking in there where I can’t face opening the door. Probably be healthier if I went in and did a bit of clearing out.

  9. Dear Mr. Filbert,

    Is this Alzheimer’s fever dream? if so, you can have it. i’m going to check out while i still know who I am. Good job this week.



  10. I’m new to Friday Fictioneers, so I’m trying to make the rounds and leave some comments – this made me think of someone in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s…when the illness affects them more than their families. I could almost sense anger at the end. Very good for a mere 100 words

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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