Low – Majesty/Magic

I find this song endlessly stimulating and quite powerful – especially resoundingly loud 🙂


Brave New World

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Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

Brave New World

Assembling for the task, we began.  Each in our strengths conspiring.  Tristan executed calculations which were pinpoint.  Ida concocted the sounds and the language we could use, boxing up the requisite books and emotions.  We counted on mama for the overall surround, a global view of the society – espousing natural characteristics and roles.  Oliver modeled the world and placed it on a bucket.  Everything was ready – needing only performative passion – a unified desire.  We waited for Aidan, lugging the chains that would keep us on course, to hold back entropy’s risk.  Leaving me to chronicle this family’s brave new world.

N Filbert 2012