Inspiration Chains, or, Free Association

Prompts, shared.  Whether images or music, language or film, it is delightful to hearken others’ cherished influences, themselves becoming common grounds, points of congruence for these virtual-seeming communities of blogosphere.  Recursive and reciprocal correspondences, often represented via comments, but probably present in many less conspicuous ways, are, in my opinion, the likely meaning-manufacture points of this medium.  Circlesunderstreetlights has passed on some lovely and instigative musical prompts over the past days, each of which I’d love to interact with via language, but haven’t found the coveted chain of moments that might allow for it. However today’s prompt from her:

tripped off a chain of evocative discoveries and resonances for me… including, but not limited to:

which led to a combo with one of my favoritest crooners:

leading onwards to more of Patrick Watson:

may these bring some moments of holiday PEACE and reflection

and perhaps even inspiration and production!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Chains, or, Free Association

  1. I like this idea of the chain of prompts moving around the “blogosphere” – and of course in RL as well… or perhaps only in RL and the “blogosphere” taggs along in its shadowy copy of RL. (pun intended)
    Its lovely.
    There is so much power in community inspiration.
    Lovely post.

  2. Love that sort of thinking, especially blogosphere as shadowy copy of RL. It DOES seem a sort of safer community for those of us who tend to work more solitarily. Happy Holidays!

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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