Our Mysterious Callings, er, befuddling vocations

continuing qualia…

{eliminating parts of speech and tense(-ing)s}

            Where we began, and when, was next-to-nothing.  How must have been something, and the what bears repeating.  Complex and variegated channels, ganglia alike to beans taking root, nutty and filigreed.

The event is conception and all its pertinent involve (where-when-events) – resultant growth of hairy little what-hows.

What is a theme-and-variations composition, melodies often scarce to trace, but certainly music!  Thrumming drumming subtle, with irregulating tremors, shushing swinging bellowed strings, replete with punctuations.  A human is a riffing thing, something of artist’s collage coupling biological systems and common laws relatively, referred to as patterns.

Person is an unstaid element, living requiring stimulation and acknowledgements, enough continuity to be.  Elaborate contexts of nurturing structures and their vice-versas.  Cells swimming fluids, objects in umwelts, mini-beasts scuttling a globe, as seen from various distances (perspectives not visibly limited).

Existences like screens full of mimeographed transparencies layered and colored by hands.  Bewildering tangles of syrup and string.  Odd combos when mirrored by mirrors, as mirroring means.  Two-sided at least.  Reflected subjectivities / subjective reflections, sort of spinning things set on a gyro turning tilting.

Nurturing structures of what-hows commons: language, culture, environment and arts.  Structuring nurture of sustaining nourishment, awareness (attention) and semblance of security.

And there you have a person (a what-how) and a world (where-when-event); synonymously person-making-world, er, world-making-person toggling looping recursive spirals adjusting discontinuous connectivities…

Perhaps each and overall what-how’s where-when-events all beggar why (i.e. remain puzzling) at which point (or somesuch of the like) there probably arises a who.  Who and why as yet unknown, being conjectured derivatives only from how-what in where-when-events.

All demanding further potentially endless inquiry and study and inventive erasures of conventional grammars and parts of speech.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Our Mysterious Callings, er, befuddling vocations

  1. You know, I should read this again because I don’t want to miss anything what you mention and share… always great post you make. Thank you, be sure I enjoy so much. Love, nia

  2. Well then! So many sculptured sounds herein. ‘A human is a riffing thing” and ” Bewildering tangles of syrup and string”, “person is an unstaid element” are mouthwatering! ( and, some doozy in my head says, would make a wonderful alternative lyric for a ‘Sound of Music’ song….
    Somehow we seem to be scuttling along some parallel paths (though I think am crazily nourished by your particular table d’ ote), as yesterday I was scribbing on existence of self from a neural/multi-personality/ archetype perspective. I may put it up shortly, so maybe you could pop along ( only fast food, I’m afraid)

  3. Thanks so much Simon – already looking forward to it – I think I’m searching some direction having completed a few projects and looking at a room full of words…the repeated bumble of language about language simulating self-reflexive capacities and vortices…

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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