Found Objects

Greetings all – squishing this in before the homework hits.  As always I highly encourage any and all of you creatives out there to take these generous prompts and craft away, as exercise or effort – The Friday Fictioneers weekly wonderful co-creativity :

Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Look, the details don’t matter, okay?  It happened, and here’s the proof, and now nothing will ever be the same.”

“As if it were.  As if things could change like that – all over and immediate.  How do we even know what from this collage?”

“Jesus Ralph!  They’re connected by the photograph!  Look!”

“As if the image were the thing itself.  C’mon Rachel, really?”

“God dad!  It’s grandpa, a menorah, a dial-up and some crayons – how obvious does it have to be?”

“I’m gonna need something more than a sign Rachel, something more than a trick of the light.”

N Filbert 2013

25 thoughts on “Found Objects

  1. the idea is to write ONLY 100 words each week to the photo prompt provided (linked to words Friday Fictioneers) – this week I provided the quick dialogue beneath the picture. You should join in and take it in one or many of those directions

  2. The phone rang. The phone rang just as she turned to leave, had placed her free hand on the tarnished door knob. She turned back to stare at the ringing phone. The old phone she’d found in the box along with the faded photo and the menorah, was ringing.

    It insisted. She put down the three crayons on top of the faded photo next to the menorah and the insisting phone. She brought the receiver to her ear.



  3. Sorry N. I just made this up on the spur of the moment. Couldn’t resist the photo. I’ve checked the link. Mine was only an opening, so would not qualify in its present state. I enjoyed it though. Good writing practice. I will keep it. Move over Stephen King!

  4. Hello Again, N
    I’ve just joined FF, finished my story and posted on my blog. Thanks for this link. I never thought I could write a whole story in 10 minutes. 😕

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