The Life of the Mind (or, Reading World)



Sickened and soothed by symbols, I set out.

Signals come and I perceive, I respond.

The I forms to the action.


With enough exercise, tissues tighten:

there are knots and strains and sprains

that need unraveling, massage.


I turn to music

buried deep within the signs

a way to loosen and undo

the stressing strands.


I unalign

and gain relief

spread out through many pathways,

any selves

allowed to wander their own ways


beginning at the edges of their ends,

filling margins,

taking borders,

easing outward

to become.

 N Filbert 2012

10 thoughts on “The Life of the Mind (or, Reading World)

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  2. Oh yes. Oh yes. NF, today I was reading the poems of a Yale graduate, honors and awards, and publications many. And I hated it. Her work was all form and no soul. Yours here is a marriage of subtly and music, as well as spirit. The sounds you mix are smooth and not plodding, and certainly not archaic. You, sir, are a true poet. Thank you for sharing your words here.

"A word is a bridge thrown between myself and an other - a territory shared by both" - M. Bakhtin

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